The ING Italia website is renewed thanks to Spin&Go©


ING Italia is part of ING Group, a Dutch banking group present in more than 40 countries worldwide. ING is among the first online banks in Italy by number of customers (about 1,300,000), with a volume of activity of over 23 billion euros and a workforce of over 1000 employees. ING operates mainly through digital channels (web, app and mobile, social networks), which represent 96% of the bank's services.


The Digital Channels Development division of ING Bank, which manages the Bank's website and digital activities, had expressed 3 basic needs:

  • Equip the site with a new CMS with which to easily update pages and online content;
  • Redesign the user experience with a responsive design approach;
  • Proceed with the graphic redesign and restyling of the site.

Specifically, the new CMS was required to:

  • Schedule page publishing;
  • Insert, within the pages, tokens (or "variable values"), so as to be able to update the characteristics of banking products in a centralized and automatic way, without having to modify all the individual pages concerned;
  • Allow the simplified management of codes on the page aimed at SEO, tracking, targeting and A/B testing.


Thanks to the content management system of Spin&Go©, Engitel has restyled and re-engineered the ING public website with a responsive design approach, optimizing it for use from PCs, tablets and smartphones. In addition, Engitel took care of the graphic design of all the visual and stylistic elements of the site, as well as the implementation on Spin&Go©.

The site management backoffice has been integrated with the pre-existing Spin&Go© CMS, already in use by ING, for the creation and management of landing pages, allowing a responsive approach and centralizing the management of tokens. Finally, Engitel configured Spin&Go© to administer specific approval workflows, defining the roles of creating, editing, approving and publishing pages and content.


Spin&Go© allowed the editorial staff of ING to easily manage all the contents of the public site and to modify its structural elements. Editors can now define, when editing content, what behaviors individual content elements should have with respect to reference breakpoints.

Through Spin&Go© it is now possible to manage and plan the publication of site content, both for production servers and for different test and development environments. In the CMS have also been implemented numerous tools for the optimization of the page in SEO perspective, the management of tracking codes on the page and, finally, some special tools for the configuration and management of A/B testing codes.