Why choose Spin&Go©

Need / Requirement


  • Intelligent management of multimedia files (images, videos, etc.);
  • Creation of personalized content and navigation paths;
  • Creation of ad hoc landing pages with shared modules;
  • Dashboard for advanced statistics and predictive models on digital trends;
  • Suggestions for SEO compliance keywords.


  • Creation of advanced intranets;
  • Intelligent management of document repositories;
  • Content versioning;
  • Integration with third-party platforms;
  • Sending personalized messages for a specific target.
  • Integrated services for the development of communities and smartnets;
  • Promotion of incentive activities (gamification).


  • Ad hoc content for a specific target;
  • Sending personalized messages for a specific target;
  • Creation of ad hoc landing pages;
  • Creation of forms and online surveys;
  • Promotion of incentive activities (gamification);
  • Customer Data Management.
  • Easily share information, content, and best practices from different locations;
  • Customize communications for roles, teams, and job positions.
  • Evaluation of marketing activities;
  • Personalized dashboards on user behavior;
  • Integration with third-party analytics platforms;
  • Real-time data on conversion rate A/B test;
  • Dashboard for advanced statistics and predictive models on digital trends;
  • Integration with external CRMs.


  • System integration;
  • Customer Data Management.
  • Security and access control.
  • Contact Manager & Advanced Email Marketing;
  • Evaluation of results and generation of Lead Scoring for users;
  • Development of Marketing Automation processes.
  • System integration;
  • Compatibility for Cloud services.
  • Omnichannel;
  • Multingua e traduzioni.
  • Content control and approval;
  • Versioning of content based on editorial roles;
  • Definition and optimization of workflows for different roles.
  • Possibility to integrate new systems in a single environment.
  • Configurable platform to manage the adoption of new business digital processes.
  • Compatible with third-party infrastructure-as-a-service and on-premises facilities.
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