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  • Static, dynamic, semi-static publication
  • Roles and permissions configuration
  • Access to external databases
  • Configuration from browser of privileges and features, layout, structure and navigation of the site.
  • Template’s modules management (contents, archives, multimedia, user-generated content, complex databases, advertising positions, onboarding functions, restricted areas, etc.).
  • Multi-language information structure, complex, hierarchical management and above all without depth limits and modifiable from the browser at any time.
  • The structure can be organized with differentiated and specific navigation logics for each publication channel (web, app, flows).
  • Workflow management
  • Simple and even extensive content archives management with custom fields and data.
  • Content specific features:
    • contents correlations;
    • contents aggregation to create mini-sites or special services;
    • extensibility of the basic structure with new fields (for example to characterize events, places, people, products or services);
    • publication rules (planning over time and site locations);
    • languages versions
    • enabling and moderating comments by users;
    •  contents tagging (create navigation logics by categories);
    • management of responsive and mobile variants of content;
    • publication preview.
  • Contents and data in the most common formats (Html, pdf, json, xml, text, etc.) with specific logics for each recipient channel (website, mobile app, other).

In addition to the basic features:

  • The flexible document management system that can be characterized with the necessary metadata and configurable with a workflow for sending notifications and transferring in the form of flows to third parties
  • automated translation services (Azure translator);
  • Database building or the collection of data by users.
  • Mass e-mails sending with the possibility of collecting responses to e-mails sent with specific forms (eg: invitation to events, qualification of the contact details, etc.) in full compliance with the GDPR regulations

Service Plan S0: shared tenant, up to 500.000pv/month, 100 GB storage, SSL certificate

In addition to the basic and advanced features the DXP version includes all SMARTNET features:  

  • Monitoring of every action and activity that the navigator carries out in the portal (through apps, management systems, ERP, CRM) All these informmations enriches the user's profile. A qualified user profile allows the activation of content personalization and activity incentive algorithms (for sales networks or learners of all kinds) allowing the customer to monitor the evolution of the community with specific metrics and to adapt the communication plan to the needs of the moment.
  • The tool allows you to analyze the text of each page and extract the main entities. For example, people, places, key phrases, companies, etc.
  • It is possible to create a database of questions and answers both through the editorial management tool and thanks to an application capable of self-feeding with interactions via chatbot.
  • Offensive or otherwise unwanted keywords (e.g. adult-only content) can be blocked. The same functionality can be applied to images. It is possible to activate redemption systems based on the actions performed by users (eg scroll of the page, time spent, etc.).

Service Plan S0: shared tenant, up to 500.000pv/month, 200 GB storage, SSL certificate


Service Plan S1:  dedicated tenant, up to 500.000pv/month, 200 GB storage

Service Plan S2: dedicated tenant, up to 1.000.000pv/month, 300 GB storage