Spin&Go is also a web-based backoffice for the management of practices


Fondazione ATM is a non-profit organization aimed at employees and pensioners of A.T.M. SpA, which pursues welfare purposes, human, social, cultural, amateur sports, extracurricular training and psycho-physical recovery.


Fondazione ATM needed an ecosystem to foster dialogue between the frontend (websites and communication channels) and the backend (internal management and third-party databases), to create a single integrated tool with which the editor could interface to work on the practices and follow the various members of the Foundation.


Thanks to Spin&Go©, Engitel has been able to create a completely web-based tool that allows the editor to have the status of the various practices under control at any time. The integration with the website then allows you to automatically forward to the editor the requests that arrive from users on the site. The employee has a web-based digital work environment in which they can easily manage practices, communicate with members, store and search requests and people, export data and generate automatic reports.


The management platform allows editors to manage the foundation's members and practices and to be able to perform various calculations related to positions. Employees can therefore manage the processing of a file from start to finish by choosing from the various options that the system offers them based on the type of user. This means that, for example, an editor can calculate the revaluation of a quota, based on increasing rates, and send, at the end of the calculation made by the tool, a personalized email to the user with all the data and calculations, without the need to write it by hand, but simply by clicking on a button. The editor can also follow it over time to know if the user has paid (and how) the amount and view all the details.