The main features of a good Smartnet

Over the course of our experience we have built many communities. We have therefore decided to draw up a series of basic features that should not be missing in a good Smartnet:

Navigation tracking - the platform must be protected with non-anonymous navigation and traced in every aspect. This means that all the actions performed by the user must be recorded: readings; social actions; comments; video viewed; downloading of material; interactions between users, etc.

Dedicated features - within the web community there must be specific functions such as: rankings and news rankings; sections dedicated to interaction with comments, forums and counters for online users; a public profile page for the user, the ability to follow users and add them to friends, notifications both via push and email, etc.

Advanced reporting - there must also be parts dedicated to reporting containing all the information about: access statistics and total, unique, average visits; connection frequencies by users; the most consulted articles and pages; user reactions to new publications; behavior regarding file downloads; survey responses etc.

Incentives - within the tool, incentive rules should be established for users regarding: campaigns; Modules; Wallets; Surveys; user profiling etc.

Integrated authentication - the user must be able to log in using external tools (such as Single Sign On, which allows the person to perform a single certified authentication valid for multiple software systems). This means that the user logged in will be able to move from one platform to another, through a "remote control" feature that acts as a switch, without having to re-enter their credentials again.

Extranet - the Smartnet must be integrated with external storage systems, so as to allow the user to consult protected documents and reach external information while remaining within the same platform.

Dedicated tools - all those tools that can help automate management and sales processes, as well as user and customer profiling, are highly recommended.

Live streaming events – the ability to organize and broadcast, live and delayed, conferences, webinars and events allows you to increase the engagement of community users.