The importance of a web-based backoffice for practice management

Spin&Go DXP is not only a CMS, but also a useful and complete integrated digital resource for all subscribers and editors. Thanks to its web-based interface, it can also be transformed into a backoffice for the management of practices.

This means that, in addition to the CMS part, the editor can have access to a real integrated and immersive analysis , calculation and management tool for all internal activities.

The main features related to the backoffice management practices are in fact:

  • a tracking system and the ability to check the history of a given tracking number;
  • a data analysis tool that allows complex calculations and revaluations, also linking to third-party databases, projections and estimates for the future;
  • advanced and customizable reporting based on the needs of the customer and the various editors;
  • the presence of a practical archive in which analytical research can be carried out within a multi-year historian;
  • a feature that allows you to send preset emails to various groups of users, containing the data generated by Spin&Go;
  • the interaction between the frontend site and the backend management that allows the user to send a request on the site via form, and the editor to find it in the backoffice directly connected to any external or third-party databases
  • the inclusion of an external file repository within the same practice management backoffice that allows the operator to benefit from integrated workflow.