Spin&Go© renews the Assidir website


Since 1990 Assidir has been working to provide safe and competent guidance in the insurance sector. is the reference site for the insurance solutions of ManagerItalia associates (managers, middle managers, executive professionals and family members) on institutional and insurance issues, to protect assets, individuals, families and companies. Assidir therefore offers information, advice and solutions both at the Milan headquarters and at the territorial associations and delegations, as well as by telephone.


Before Engitel's intervention, the Assidir web page could no longer support the amount of data due to the increase in the database coming from the AS400 management system. In fact, the archive contains over 40,000 managers' records, accompanied by policy status, account statements and ongoing actions. The site was also not equipped with a content management system and therefore required an expansion of functionality, so as to make it possible to update and quickly and effectively manage communication with subscribers.


Relying on Spin&Go©, Engitel has carried out the re-engineering, restyling and porting of all the contents on the site. In this way, a real digital experience platform has been created, which interacts with the AS400 system through dedicated and secure web services, which find information in real time. The new site also allows you to communicate with individual members in a personalized way, based on the active policies and characteristics of each user (associate, family, manager, middle manager, and so on). Finally, various self-estimation features have been implemented to guide the user to discover Assidir's insurance proposals.


Thanks to the possibilities offered by the Spin&Go© platform, now the entire site can be managed in total autonomy and in real time in all its parts. In addition, a clear overall improvement in communication with its members has been made possible, and the user can now evaluate the individual insurance offers firsthand.