Transparency on public disbursements - Law 124/2017

In relation to the matter of Transparency on public disbursements, article no. 35 of Decree-Law no. 34/2019 ("Growth Decree"), the public disbursements received by Engitel S.p.A. in 2020 are as follows:

Date of delivery: 27/05/2020
Disbursement amount: € 17.500,00
Call: " PhD ITalents"
Decree: on behalf of the MIUR (CIPE Resolution No. 36 of 1 August 2014)
Type of facilitation: co-financing
Concessionaire: Fondazione CRUI

Date of delivery: 08/10/2020
Disbursement amount: € 72.000,00
Call: " Smart Living"
Decree: n. 14782 of 24/11/2017
Type of subsidy: non-repayable contribution
Concessionaire body: Regione Lombardia

Date of delivery: 26/10/2020
Disbursement amount: € 20.000,00
Call: " Voucher for innovation consultancy"
Decree: n. 44794 of 20/12/2019
Type of facilitation:non-repayable contribution
Concessionaire: Ministry of Economic Development - Directorate General for Business Incentives

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